I love to start each day with a different quote...motivating and inspiring move forward and to take action steps towards accomplishing my goals.

Let's face it, we all have those days where we just don’t feel like doing anything.

Maybe we make excuses for ourselves...or we put off what we want (our goals and dreams) and begin to justify things the way that they are…we may start thinking...well I’m doing fine...things are okay...etc.

We can get comfortable and stop reaching…

I know I’ve been guilty of this...

For example, one of the hardest times for me to stay on track with my fitness is during the winter.

Living in Colorado…sometimes it can be quite chilly, and when the days are short and there’s snow on the ground, or falling from the sky….believe me, I really just want to stay in, where it’s nice and warm!

I know in my head I should be going to the gym…but the thought of walking from my car…into the gym…in the freezing cold…can sometimes be enough for me to talk myself out of going.

The truth is, even if I’m inside…I can talk myself out of an indoor home workout on those snowy, cold, grey days.

Fitness and health are super important to me, so I know that I need to have ways to keep myself motivated and on track with what I want…regardless of the situations around me.

That’s why I love finding quotes that I use as tools for my help keep me on track.

This quote in particular I use for Fitness.

It is so simple, yet so true.

“Nothing changes, if nothing changes.”

This is my go to...if I ever feel myself talking me out of doing whatever it is that I know I should be doing, and/or could be doing, to move me closer to my goals.

If I change nothing…meaning I don’t take any action step that day…in order to me one step forward….I know I will be in the exact same place tomorrow.

Repeat this day after day, and before you know it…you are so far behind…that your goals are actually moving further and further away from you.

In my opinion, you are either moving forward, or you are moving backwards.

It may seem like a drop in the bucket when you choose to put off a workout, or a certain action step that day... but, if you allow this to happen repetitively…day after day...realize that you are actually getting further and further away from that which you want.

That’s why I have this quote as go to…if I feel myself making excuses. I like to “nip it in the bud” so to speak.

I hope that you can adopt this quote as well…use it to help motivate you on those days that you would really rather be curled up on the sofa…or hitting the snooze button.

You deserve to be happy and to accomplish your goals!

So always take your action steps…no matter how big or small the change is…progress is progress!


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