What is the secret?

I have found that there is one key to staying motivated and continuing to take action toward whatever it is that you want to achieve.

That is, to feel good throughout the process.

When you feel good you are more likely to continue to take the actions that brought you to the place of receiving that good feeling.

So how do you do this?

As always, I want to be able to give you actionable steps that you can apply so that you can immediately start taking action to implement this into your life.

So let’s get started!

1. The first thing you need to do, is get clear with your goal.

What is your goal?

What is it that you want to accomplish?

If you don’t know what it is that you want to accomplish, it is very difficult to get there.

For Example:

Let's say that your goal is to lose 5 pounds, or to lose 50 pounds, or maybe you want to have more energy, whatever your goal is…write it down.

2. Make a two column list. List the pros and cons of that goal.

In column one, write down all the benefits or the joys you will experience and receive once you accomplish your goal. 

Column One Example:

I will have more energy, I will feel happy, I will fit in the clothes that I want to wear, etc.

In column two, write down the pains of getting started.

Column Two Example:

I will have to get up earlier, or I am so tired, I don't have time, etc.

You are listing out all the pros and cons.

These your reasons why you should or should not take action. 

When you have enough reasons in your pro column to outweigh that of your con column, you will be able to reference this list as fuel for action vs. non-action.

If your pro reason is to have more energy and one of the reasons in your con column is that you are too tired to can see, that if you take the action of exercising, this will result in more energy, which will mean that you won’t be tired anymore.

So it would make sense to take the action of exercising even though you may be tired, because once you start exercising...the end result will be that you have more energy. 

3. Visualize yourself having attained your goal and the feelings and emotions that will come along with it.

For Example:

How will you feel being healthier and having more energy as a result of eating better and exercising?

How will you feel being able to slip into the clothes that you want, with them fitting you perfectly?

How will you feel being energized and playing with your kids, knowing you are leading by example?

Really try to cultivate what that will feel like once you have attained your goal.

4. Celebrate the milestones along the way. The little wins!

With any major goal, whether it is weight loss, personal, or professional - sometimes these goals can take months or even years to accomplish.

This is why it is important to celebrate the little milestones along the way.

Your little wins!

Although we are focused on accomplishing our big goals, I find that it is just as important and in my opinion can be even more important to celebrate the little accomplishments along the journey of that attainment.

When you are celebrating and positively recognizing yourself throughout the journey towards your goal, you will feel good.

This positive recognition that you give yourself will train you that even though you are not at the “end goal”, you are making progress and that feels good.

When you continually take action and reward yourself, your body gets addicted to the activities that brought you that feeling.

So, the more you take action and reward yourself for that action, the easier and easier it will become for you to stay motivated and to continue to take those actions. 

I hope that these steps are helpful!

I personally use this process for any goal that I set for myself.

Set your goals. Stick to it. You will get there.


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